Generative AI with Large Language Models

Google Cloud Introduction to Generative AI Course Each module elaborates on what it is, where it brings value, and how you can build your own GenAI projects. We look at the tech behind it, what applications exist and could exist, and at the ethical side of things. A subscription option lets users take courses with […]

Vendict emerges with $9 5M in funding to automate security compliance with generative AI

RoboBusiness: NVIDIA to discuss role of Generative AI in robotics Create with Firefly Make complex edits and create realistic designs while saving time with our generative AI features. Adobe Firefly is the new way to create while significantly improving creative workflows. Use everyday language to get extraordinary results with generative AI. It’s a one-stop shop […]

Photoshop can now use generative AI to expand images

Photoshop AI Generative Fill Tool Tutorial + Tips This can help when an image is simply too small, of course, but Adobe also believes it can help when you want to change aspect ratios, fix a cut-off subject or otherwise touch up artwork. I thought about posting the image as generated, and then another image […]

Here are 3 ways AI will change healthcare by 2030 World Economic Forum

Benefits of AI in healthcare usage, advantages AI generates information for health care providers to help them better care for patients and be more efficient. These principles will guide future WHO work to support efforts to ensure that the full potential of AI for healthcare and public health will be used for the benefits of […]

Microsoft AI-050T00 Develop Generative AI Solutions with Azure OpenAI Service

Generative AI with Azure OpenAI GPT-4 Overview Our AI practitioners are ready to help you rise above the hype and discover the use cases that will help your team deliver business value fast with generative AI. We’re ready to help you learn, explore, build and create with generative AI – ensuring responsible and reliable safeguards […]

Generative Artificial Intelligence Center for Teaching Innovation

Generative AI: What is it, and how can it impact business? But in practice, these interfaces are how most people will interact with the models, so don’t be surprised to see the terms used interchangeably. Machine learning is the foundational component of AI and refers to the application of computer algorithms to data for the […]