Corporate Support

There are many ways in which companies support the work of The Exodus Project. Below are just a few ideas about ways your company can help:

Adopt Exodus as your Charity of the Year

Every company relies on a hardworking and innovative workforce. Many companies spend time and resources trying to build team spirit and commitment. Adopting us as your chosen charity is a great way to do just that.


It can:

  • Unite staff behind a common goal.
  • Build team spirit and commitment to the company.
  • Boost morale.
  • Unlock employee potential and transform their performance at work.
  • Encourage inter-departmental or divisional cross working relationships.

Sponsorship comes in many forms and can be as simple as letting Exodus use a service your company provides or sponsoring one of our publications or fundraising events. Exodus could even help your company reach your target audience and communicate a positive message to them.

Employee Fund-Raising

In partnership, Exodus can help motivate and assist in staff development and team building. According to research, 87% of employees believe that a company that support society and community is probably a good company to work for. ( Source: Business in the Community, 1997 ) 

Corporate Donations

Corporate Donations are just as welcome from companies as those from individuals. TO be honest, if we had more support from just a few of the companies in Barnsley who have the means, our work would be self-sustaining and we would be able to do so much more for the future work force. Investing in local young people is more likely to keep them here and grow our local economy in the medium to long term. We have been around for many years, because we recognise that making a difference requires a long term commitment. Please will you consider partnering with us through your business support?

Secondment of Employees

Can your company lend us the services of one or more of your employees? As well as being beneficial to us, it can help employees develop new skills and experience new environments. The total cost of their employment, borne by the company, is tax deductible

In-Kind Support

Enables our corporate supporters to contribute to the objectives of Exodus in a way that is unique and entirely relevant to their business, as well as encouraging goodwill amongst staff and customers.

A list of some of our supporters:

Abtech Ltd – Sheffield

AESSEAL – Rotherham

Dransfield Foundation