Kidz Klub

Kidz Klub is the name given to our activity clubs for children in Y3-Y5. These are great fun and involve the children in a range of leisure and educational activities. We use dance, drama, crafts, music, games and sports to put across important messages to the children about their value and potential. We use teachings from the bible as well as other sources to support these aims, because we believe it has much to teach about living a life that is personally fulfilling and one that values and respects others

If you’d like your child to attend one of our clubs, please get in touch with either Jack or Tash on 01226 718899 (option 2)

Rock Solid

Rock Solid is the name given to our youth groups for young people in Y6-Y9. Like in Kidz Klub, the group is not an open youth club! There is a membership of 20 in each club so we can focus on relationships and trust building. Most members have progressed through Kidz Klub so that we have a long standing relationship with each young person and their family.